Books by Phil Weinzimer

Getting IT Right  focuses on transforming an organization using a 3P strategy:

  • PREPARE personnel to work together as a team 

  • PERCEIVE customer needs

  • PROVIDE new products and services that create sustainable and profitable value.

We hear it over and over again; Business has evolved into a customer-oriented, relationship-based, technology-driven competitive battle played out on a global scale.

  • How do you position your company for success?

  • How do you make sure your workforce is ready to see the mareket's needs?

  • How do you translate that recognition into unmatched vlaue and service to your customers?

Getting IT Right! offers a practical process for implementing the oganization changes-in structure, behavior, outlook, and approach, needed to cultivate an enduring base of loyal customers.

  • Written for managers at all levers, in oragnizaitons of all types and sizes, Getting IT Right!, is a rich souirce of insights, advice, and learning opportunities.
  • You will be able to improve perception of the marketplace: iendity, evaluate, and miximize new opportunities, and make sure your companyresponds to new demans with speed, consistency, and innovation.
  • Straightforward, pracitcal, and based on concept-9in-action examples from superior firms aroung the globe, Getting IT Right! custs straight to the heard of the make-or-bvreak issues your company is facing right now.

 The Strategic CIO explores how strategic CIOs transform their IT organization and collaborate with business teams to achieve significant business outcomes. Phil Weinzimer, author, examines how CIOs successfully transformed IT organizations from a techno-centric cost center into a business-focused organization where IT personnel work in business teams to identify opportunities that achieve significant business outcomes by leveraging information and technology for competitive advantage. Over 150 CIOs and business executives shared their insights and experiences.

  • Learn how CIOs share their journey across each of the four phases of the strategic IT transformation process as they enable business leaders to make well-informed business decisions to improve the competitive advantage for their business enterprise.
  •  Leverage the strategies, and methodologies used by CIOs from AAA Insurance Group and Fox Entertainment Network as they embark on the first phase of the journey - Deliver Services Exceptionally Well - the first phase of the transformation journey
  • Understand how CIOs from Dish Network, Vanguard Health, Western Governor's University, Air Products and Chemicals, and other multinational companies transformed their IT organization to be business savvy as they progressed through the second phase of the transformation - Understand the Business, Focus on User Experiences, and Improve Competencies and Skills of IT Personnel.
  • Improve your knowledge with case examples from leading CIOs- McKesson, Baker Hughes, Computer Aid, and Valspar- on the processes they used to Focus on Initiatives to Improve Margin, the third phase of the transformation process; and how they used data to help business leaders make the necessary business decisions to achieve success.
  • Gain insights from the strategies used by CIOs from FedEx (Rob Carter), Procter & Gamble (Filippo Passerini), as well as five additional CIOs who succeed at Leveraging Technology Strategically to Innovate Value, the fourth phase of the transformation process Discover how these CIOs transformed their IT organization and enabled business leaders to make well-informed business decisions that improved the competitive position of their companies as well as the strategies, templates, and lessons learned they used to achieve success and change the dynamics of the business enterprise.