Oct:  CIO Roundtable - Atlanta             Oct: CIO Roundtable - Ft. Lauderdale

Nov:  CIO Roundtable - Chicago

Nov: CIO Roundtable - Sarasota FL​​

Apr:  CIO Roundtable - Raleigh
May: CIO Forum - Southampton, England​​May: CIO Forum - San Francisco

Oct:  CIO Roundtable - Central PA

   2016 Speaking

      Events (12)      

  Additional Events      

      in Process 

               Speaking/Workshop Topics and Associated Abstracts 

                                                                                      ​Click here for more detail

  • ​How Strategic CIOs Provide Transformation Leadership in the Digital Age 
  • How CIOs Transform IT Personnel from Technologists into Business Team Members                            
  • How CIOs Drive Digital Innovation with Collaboration and Teaming
  • How to Identify, Assess, and Calibrate IT Talent in Today's Highly Competitive Global Marketplace

2014 Speaking Venues(16 CIO Events)  Click here for more detail 


Innovative Solutions to Improve Business Outcomes

Meet Phil Weinzimer

Business / IT Strategy

Co-develop strategies that improve customer value, increase margins, and enhance shareholder wealth.

Coaching for Success

Help executive improve their leadership, communication, and teaming skills

Process Reinvention

Improve your business processes to create sustainable value for your customers.

Team Building

Help our clients achieve the greatest possible success with great teams. 

​Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Detroit

Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Atlanta

Oct:  SIM CIO Forum - New Brunswick
Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Orlando
Nov: Strategic CIO Roundtable-NYC

Nov: CIO Executive Forum - NYC

Nov: Strategic CIO Roundtable-Hartford

​Dec:  SIM CIO Forum-Raleigh Durham

Dec:  IT Palooza - Miami 

Selected as One of The Best Business Books in 2014

May The CIO Forum - Miami Fl  
​May: IT Executive Roundtable- MiamJune: Premier CIO - Cleveland

July: Iacocca Institute-Allentown 

Sept: Strategic CIO Roundable - Pittsburgh
Sept: Strategic CIO Roundtable-Washington

Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Phila

Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Atlanta

Oct:  Strategic CIO Roundtable-Chicago​


Chapter Summaries

Jan: SIM CIO Event - Washington

Feb: PEM CIO Forum - Orlando

Apr: Univ of GA (UGA)

Apr: PMI - Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania

   2015 Speaking      

       Events (24) 

​​​Jan:  University of Arizona MBA class - Tempe

Jan:  Lehigh Valley AITM - Allentown, PA

March: SIM St. Louis Chapter - St. Louis

April: IT Executive Roundtable- Baltimore
April: IT Executive Roundtable- Atlanta
April: SIM Central Florida Chapter - Orlando
May  IT Leadership Forum - Naples FL